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Parallel Profits, as we’ll call if from now on, is a model to online marketing that takes advantage of the concept of exponential growth.

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Customer service: The interest of the commercial companies in their customers indicates the success of their various operations. The successful company, which always seeks to be in the ranks of the big winning companies, is always interested in the people that deal with them, so that many of these companies create a special section called Customer Service Its function is to serve the customer segment with the services of the company and its products and to listen to their opinions, suggestions and complaints and work to meet or solve them. Business companies differ in their way of customer service. For example, we always follow up with mobile phone companies sending instant messages that are focused on customer interest, listening to them and satisfying their desires.

before all else i highly recommended you to watch this special video:

Importance of customer service

The importance of customer service lies in many things, including:

+ Customer service allows companies and businesses to always listen to customers in order to achieve feedback, which enables companies to continuously inform customers of their outputs and products, and thus work to correct their course in production or in the way of providing service and product and restructuring to achieve full satisfaction of customers .

+ The customer is happy to receive a call from the customer service department of the company, for example, to provide a specific proposal or complaint, and the customer is more pleased if it is found that his proposal has been implemented on the ground, so customer service is a means of deepening And to strengthen customer loyalty and loyalty.

+ Customer service increases the profitability of companies and institutions. When the company achieves the satisfaction of its customers, they are more interested in benefiting from its products and services, and it is an opportunity to attract more customers when they hear or hear about its policy of customer service.

+ Customer service is a criterion for judging the success of companies; the company that succeeds in serving and attracting customers is the Parallel Profits company that is able to achieve success in its work.

Customer Service Benefits

Customer service enables companies to classify their business and their diversity to the satisfaction of the customer, and maximize the profits of companies. For example, telecom companies diversify their services by diversifying lines used by customers. This can only be done after studying the market and studying customer segments. To study a specific marketing policy based on diversification so that the customer segment who speak a lot of lines to serve their business, and also to the segment of customers who do not use the phone a lot of lines to achieve the goal without incurring financial burdens.

Parallel Profits Review Top SEO Marketing Exposed

Parallel Profits Review Top SEO Marketing Exposed; Marketing is the link between the product, the company or the service and its delivery to the target customer. This is done by identifying a target segment that teaches you how to connect these things to them. We will address the types of digital marketing, which is one of the most widely used marketing methods in our time.

Parallel Profits Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is part of the marketing promotion and is one of the elements of the marketing mix, such as price, place, product and quality. Everything can be used for promotion, whether digital or technical, whether on mobile phones, social networking sites, e-mail or email.

Digital marketing first appeared in the 1990s because of the proliferation of the Internet and the technological revolution.

Digital Marketing Branches
Digital marketing is divided into several branches including:
Known social networking sites called Social Media.
And create search engines.
Marketing by email.
Marketing by mobile phone.
Marketing by Blogging.

Parallel Profits

Parallel Profits

First Parallel Profits Blogs

A blog is a topic of creation written in the form of an article on a particular subject so that thousands of visitors are constantly attracted. The most important feature of this blog is the strong content and the real value added, while focusing on the most important components of the expected search by visitors.

Blogging requires a minimum of three months of work.

Second: social media sites
It is one of the most famous sites in our time, such as Facebook, Watts AB, YouTube, Span Chat and InStagram and other social networking sites.

Your products are displayed on these sites because millions of users are on these sites on a daily basis. This method is one of the most accessible means to reach a large number of targeted and less cost-effective ads in the streets and television. This method deals with almost all companies, whether small or large Have pages on these sites.

Thirdly SEO Search Engines Marketing With Parallel Profits

These are search engines and rely on free marketing so that your content will appear on the front page by focusing on your research words or your company or phone number or anything you want to promote and this makes it easy to reach large numbers of Parallel Profits users.

There are about 40,000 searches done every second on Google and 3.5 billion transactions done throughout the day.

Your content should preferably not be copied from other content and not have internal links.

It makes your Google index very confident and your blog has links and focus on a specific theme.

Another solution is to post an ad on a Google page and have a paid ad.

4. Online Ads campaigns
Advertising campaigns are the focus of all international companies because they deliver the service or product to the customer page directly.

The types of e-campaigns are pay-per-click (ad-per-click) advertising, which is a thousand clicks or 1,000 clicks on an ad.

V. Email marketing
E-mail marketing is effective all over the world but has not been very popular in some countries because of the weak culture but the right to great success all over the world.

VI Mobile Marketing
There is a study that proved that the person uses the phone from 150 to 200 times a day, so mobile marketing is one of the effective ways to reach a large number of audiences, and this is via text message on mobile:

17 Basic Terms Every Marketer Should Know!

17 Basic Terms Every Marketer Should Know! In any science of science there are basic terms that the learner must know well as a kind of introduction or introduction to that science, as well as for the science of e-marketing there are terms we will mention in 7 Figure Cycle Review article, which will build on everything related to e-marketing later these are the terms:

17 Basic Terms Every Marketer Should Know

1- e-Marketing

Is The Internet Marketing in different ways through computers and mobile devices in several ways, including SMS and SEM, SMM and Email Marketing.

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

It is search engine marketing (Google) through paid ads eg Google Ads, AdWords and various sites.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In-house (On Page SEO) and Off Page SEO (SEO) search engine optimization and appear on the front pages of search engines.

4. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

And marketing sites through social networking sites known as Social Media. (social media) such as Facebook – twitter – google plus – Linkedin.

5- Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

These are the search results that appear on the first page of the Google search engine (Google).

6. Cost Per Click (CPC)

It’s the cost of paying for a click, click, or click on Google Adwords or Facebook ads.

7. Click Through Rate (CTR)

The ratio of clicks or ad clicks to ad impressions.

8. Cost Per Impression (CPI)

Cost-per-impression (CPM) and cost per 1000 impressions.

9. Conversion Rate (CR)

The conversion rate is the number of people who clicked on the ad and actually made a purchase, which turned from visitors to customers.

10. Landing Page

A landing page is a page of the site that contains texts, videos and pictures which is the page that appears in the search engines.

11. Keyword Research

Is The keyword or semantic or key phrase and is one of the most important axes of e-marketing as it is the word used by the Internet user to search for any information, service or product consists of one word or two or three.

12- Meta Tags

A set of codes that are added in HTML in the HEAD pane and used to specify the title and description of the site.

13. BackLinks

Background links means links to a site or page that is marketed on external or internal platforms, such as sites, blogs, forums, social networking sites, and internal links within the pages or articles of the site itself.

14. Authority

It is the degree to which the page is given based on the number of links to it from trusted sites.

15. Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is the percentage of the number of visitors to the page and those who go without a visit to the other pages of the site.

16. Pagerank (PR)

The page rank is determined by Google based on marketing and visits to the site or to the page, ranging from zero to ten.

17. Return On Investment (ROI)

This is the ratio between the payment (the cost of an ad campaign), the revenue from that campaign, or what was gained from the campaign. This term is generally defined in other areas as return on investment.

Finally, if there is a need for further explanation, or if you think that there are important terms in the field of e-marketing that we have not seen in that article, remind us in the comments box and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

7 Figure Cycle

7 Figure Cycle

What Are The Types And Methods Of e-Marketing

E-marketing is one type of marketing that takes place through the means of modern technology such as Internet and mobile. The importance of e-marketing has increased in recent times as a result of the increase in the number of Internet users and their passion for modern technology. By the end of 2013, the number of Internet users in the Arab countries reached 135.6 million. The Internet has become more of a way to find information or search for a product. There are many ways of e-marketing, so you should know each type of e-marketing methods and choose the right type that will be successful for your 7 Figure Cycle Reviews marketing campaign. We will introduce e-marketing types through this article.

Marketing Through e-mail

Marketing through e-mail is one of the first methods of e-marketing. It involves marketing a product or service to a targeted database of a particular segment of customers via e-mail. Marketing through e-mail is one of the best ways of e-marketing because of its low cost, targeting the right category, its simplicity of use, easy tracking, tracking software, ease of publication, and increasing return on investment.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the art of increasing your website’s visibility in the initial results of the first pages of search engines like Google. This is done by targeting the keywords on your website so that they appear in search engines in the first order. There are types of search engine optimization techniques such as: content writing and blogs. Some of the most important features of SEO are:

Low cost compared to paid ads like Google Adwords.

Increase the number of visitors and followers of your website for free.

Better return on investment than paid ads.

You will be familiar with new products through keywords that customers are looking for.

If you are in the first position of the first results of the search engines it gives great fame that you are one of the best companies in your activity and therefore increase sales.

Will be a source of confidence for people looking for a solution.

Paid ads

Paid ads are ads that appear in search engines, and are one of the fastest types of e-marketing. They appear next to or above search results. It depends on the keywords you use for your ad to appear in search engines. And the most important features include:

The speed of its results.

Control your company’s budget based on your company’s sales goals, since you’ll only pay if someone clicks on your ad.

Your Bitcoin Code website appears frequently.

Easy To Track (follow-up) through keywords to see if it succeeds or fails.

Social Communication Channels

Social Media is a kind of communication with your customers in a direct way to highlight the value of your company’s products and services and increase its popularity and spread through several social battles such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. There are marketing on social networking sites that are unpaid or paid. The most important advantages of marketing on social networking sites include the following:

The speed and ease of publishing content.

Increase your brand’s knowledge and reputation through social media channels and increase sales.

Increase your customer loyalty to your brand significantly if you interact with them on social media channels.

Target a specific segment or category efficiently and know the needs of your customers.

Find and increase your page followers.

Quickly respond to the followers of your page and find out what Rodod did in a short time.

Increase the number of visitors to your website and increase your rank in the search engines by directing your social media followers to your website indirectly.

Online Advertising

Online advertising is different from paid advertising. Online advertising is advertising on websites owned by other people. The main advantages of advertising on Internet sites include:

You can advertise to website followers at a lower cost than traditional advertising costs.

Pay the cost to the advertising company once regardless of the results.

Ease of measuring results.

Easier access to targeted customers more widely.

Mobile APP Marketing

Mobile application design is one of the largest forms of e-marketing, due to the increase in smartphone users around the world and the timely arrival of information. The most important advantages of marketing through mobile applications include:

The application in its general form is a program that stays on the user’s device 24 hours a day so having a special application for your products and services gives you a golden opportunity to keep the user seeing him whenever he uses his smartphone. .

The best thing about smart phone applications is that they give companies the ability to communicate with their customers right now through their geographical location. It is completed with personal data information and creating new revenue opportunities from current customers

Bitcoin Code Review 2018 Is Bitcoin Code Scam Or Works?

Bitcoin Code Review 2018 Is Bitcoin Code Scam Or Works? Is Bitcoin Code APP Still Working in 2018? How To Install Bitcoin Code Software? And Most Important How To Generate a Huge Profits With Bitcoin Code System? Read This Bitcoin Code Review 2018 To Learn How?

Bitcoin Code

Countries with a free and strong economy are working to follow the price indices to find out about inflation, its value, and its origin. Capital states take the interest rate as a means of reducing inflation, dealing with the rate of interest increasing or decreasing to deal with inflation. When there are signs of inflation that are emerging, the central bank is working to increase interest rates. The wisdom of Bitcoin Code APP is the desire to withdraw money from the market and direct it to The process of saving or investing, when the interest rates are high, the temptation to invest will increase the interest of The Bitcoin Code investor.

Bitcoin Code 2018

Bitcoin Code 2018

Which is one of the most common economic conventions, but despite the widespread use of this term, there is no agreement among economists on the definition is due to the split opinion on the definition of the concept of inflation, where this term is used to describe a number of different situations such as

Excessive rise in the overall price level.
High cash income or component of cash income such as wages or Bitcoin Code profits.
High costs.
Create excessive cash balances.
It is not necessary for these different phenomena to move in one direction at the same time … in the sense that a rise in prices can occur without a rise in monetary income … and a rise in costs can be achieved without a rise in prices. Profits … Excessive money creation is likely to occur without being accompanied by rising prices or cash entry

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In other words, the different phenomena that can be called “inflation” are phenomena that are somewhat independent of each other and this independence is confusing in defining the concept of inflation.

The term inflation is distinguished by the phenomenon that is called, thus forming a set of terms including:

Price inflation: the excessive rise in prices.
Income inflation: Any increase in cash incomes such as wage inflation and profit inflation.
Cost inflation: any rising costs.
Monetary inflation: the excessive creation of cash balances.
Hence, some writers see that when the term “inflation” is used without discrimination, the term is called price inflation because excessive price increases are the meaning to which the mind goes directly when the term inflation is mentioned.

History of inflation

In the 19th century, the focus was on one aspect of inflation (monetary inflation), so that if demand for money increased in value, the price level rose. If the demand for money increased for its supply, Price level dropped).

The Keynesian economic analysis focused on the factors governing the level of monetary national income, especially with regard to the tendency to consume, the interest rate, and the marginal efficiency of capital. Thus, Keynes concluded that inflation is: the increase in aggregate demand for real supply is a significant and continuous increase, leading to a series of sudden and continuous rises in the overall price level. In other words, inflation is characterized by a surplus in demand for goods, Current capacity.

In the second half of the 20th century, the modern Swedish school emerged, which made expectations particularly important in the critical analysis of inflation. It sees that the relationship between total demand and aggregate supply does not depend on national expenditure plans on the one hand and national production plans on the other. Between investment plans and savings plans.

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Creeping inflation
We encounter this type in developed industrial countries with advanced production structures. This type of inflation is reflected by a slight increase in the prices of goods and services as a result of the ability of the advanced production system to respond to the demands of the total demand in the market. This kind of inflation has a weak effect on consumers at first. As time passes and as inflation accumulates over the years, consumers are beginning to feel weighed down. Especially if this coincides with the wage freeze policy. In this case, low-income people try to resist creeping inflation in various ways, the most important of which is trade unionism, to the extent that it may reach an open conflict between low-income and capital-owners, in which the first party tries to raise wages to compensate for the rise in inflation-induced cost of living.

Inflation is suppressed
Appears in centrally planned countries that follow an interventionist policy in economic activity that influences the supply and demand forces in the market. In an effort to reduce the social impact of inflation. The policy of the state in this regard is to determine the freezing of prices on the one hand and salaries and wages on the other. The state usually follows the government subsidy policy or the exchange rate policy to limit the rising costs of some imported production elements. One of the policies used by the State is to subsidize production institutions or to reduce or eliminate tariffs on certain imports.

This type of inflation appears clearly in countries with imbalances in their productive structures and loss of balance and proportionality in economic growth rates. This kind of inflation often affects developing countries that develop ambitious development plans that are disproportionate to their economic and financial resources, forcing them to increase bank money and credit to encourage investment, which leads to increased demand for factors of production and thus higher prices and production costs. On the other hand, increased demand for consumer goods to meet the growing individual needs contribute to the emergence of hyperinflation, which is reflected in the increase or rise in rates and fast pace.

On the other hand, increased demand for consumer goods to meet the growing individual needs contribute to the emergence of hyperinflation, which is reflected in the increase or rise in rates and fast pace. Because of the weakness of the productive apparatus and the growing cash production at rates that exceed production growth rates, the purchasing value of money tends to decline sometimes, leading to higher costs of living for large segments of society. This is aided by weak unionization and the absence of social protection laws against unemployment and social marginalization.

Causes of inflation

Inflation is caused by various economic factors.

1 – inflation arising from costs: This type of inflation arises because of the high operating costs in industrial or non-industrial companies, as the contribution of corporate departments in raising the salaries and wages of their employees, especially those working in productive sites, which comes because of the workers’ demands to raise wages (age, : 40).

2. Inflation arising from demand: This type of inflation arises from an increase in the volume of monetary demand, accompanied by a constant supply of goods and services, as the rise in aggregate demand is not matched by an increase in production. Leading to higher prices.

3. Inflation is the result of total changes in the composition of aggregate demand in the economy, even if this demand is excessive or there was no economic focus as prices are high and can not decline despite the decline in demand.

4 – inflation arising from the exercise of the economic embargo against other countries, exercised by external forces, as is the case for Iraq and Cuba, and therefore no import and export in the case of total siege, leading to high inflation rates and thus the devaluation of the national currency and the high prices at unreasonable rates : 91).

The relationship between inflation and the exchange rate

Parallel exchange rates of official exchange rates are one of the economic and financial indicators that reflect the strength of the economy of any country, whether developed or developing countries. Exchange rates are influenced by various political and economic factors. Among these economic factors are inflation, prevailing market interest rates, Which reflect their effect on the exchange rate of the national currency in the market parallel to the national official exchange rate.

The relationship between inflation and rising prices

The interpretation of inflation by the existence of excess demand is based on the simple principles contained in the laws of supply and demand. These laws determine that for each commodity the price is determined when the demand equals supply. If there is excessive demand, a gap arises between demand and supply. The gap widens and the gap is narrowed with each price rise until it completely disappears and then the price stabilizes. This means that if the demand for any commodity is excessive, the interaction between supply and demand can remedy this excess through higher prices.

This simple rule that explains the dynamics of price formation in a particular commodity market can be generalized to the group of goods and services markets in which the society deals. Just as excessive demand for one commodity leads to higher prices, the excessive demand for all goods and services – The high level of prices and this is the state of inflation.

The relationship between inflation and depression

The global economy has witnessed several fluctuations and waves of inflation and recession, mainly due to the inability of interest-rate instruments to manage economic activity. To my people, the remedy for this imbalance is the key to the saying of the Almighty: (And everything has a degree). As the banks are the most important tools to implement economic policies aimed at achieving economic and social development, when the world was swept into a great depression and severe unemployment was the result of more famine and misery, then the world (Keynes) to study this phenomenon and defined the phenomenon that the recession or recession The sudden decline in the marginal effectiveness of capital means a lack of investment and effective demand.

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All this leads to an imbalance between savings and The Bitcoin Code Login investment, so that investment decreases and less labor, less income, people tend to stagnate, stockpiles accumulate among employers, and so on. The definitions of contemporary economists of this phenomenon, the most important definition of which is: (The appearance of the economic recession is reflected in the increasing commodity inventory among traders on the one hand and defaults on trade papers and checks among Bitcoin Code traders on the other hand)